Edwina Rowling


Edwina Rowling

Edwina Rowling lives in the Sussex village of Ditchling near where she was born and bred. After 20-odd years living in London and Manchester, she has returned to country life and works as a freelance editor from home. This gives her plenty of time to walk her dog and pretend to be working while actually doing the gardening. Edwina is an experienced editor and communicator.  She has worked with words all her life, first as a journalist, then a communications exec and then in magazine, journal and book publishing. 

She now works as a freelance editor helping people to get their message across. She is boringly pedantic about words, spelling and grammar and fervently hopes kids will use technology to read books as well as play games.

Visit Edwina's website http://www.edwinarowling.co.uk/

This is what others say about her:

‘It has been a great relief to know that the journal has been in such capable hands.’

 ‘Thanks for your time and great work.’

 ‘You were excellent to work with.’

 ‘Thanks for managing [the job] and generally being a calm rock in a storm!’

 ‘You’ve given us a great service and been a shining example of what a good freelancer can be.’

‘Just to say how delighted we have been with your work. You have been endlessly helpful, diligent and thoughtful, and your knowledge and experience has been invaluable in helping think through the structure and layout. I would wholeheartedly recommend your work to others.’


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