Corrinne Vaz-Lewis

Corrine Vaz-LewisCorrinne Vaz-Lewis lives in Wimbledon with her husband and three young daughters.  She has a busy life raising her children after enjoying a successful career in the fashion business.

Corrinne loves travelling and lived in Australia with her husband. The family continues to travel as often as possible visiting Europe, Australia and India.

Between the hours of managing a hectic household and volunteer work at school, she has found more time now to focus on her love of art and other creative projects.

Building upon her qualifications in art and design, she has been studying and developing further artistic techniques in her spare time at art college.

With her knowledge of children’s literature (surrounded by a wide variety of books at home!), it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to illustrate this book and Corrinne looks forward to sharing her next projects with you all sometime very soon.


Chapter 1 - Illustration 3 Chapter 2 - Illustration 1 Chapter 3 - Illustration 1 Chapter 4 - Illustration 1 Chapter 5 - Illustration 1 Chapter 6 - Illustration 1 Chapter 7 - Illustration 1 Chapter 8 - Illustration 1

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